Understanding the Medical Cannabis Referral Process at Trauma Healing Centers

30th August 2017

Medical Cannabis Referral Process

Navigating through the medical cannabis referral process can be confusing and overwhelming for many individuals. In this blog article, we will identify how to legally access medical cannabis and how our medical cannabis referral process works at Trauma Healing Centers for patients, veterans and physicians.


In Canada, there are only three ways to legally access medical cannabis:

1. Through a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer
2. By registering with Health Canada to be able to produce a limited amount of cannabis
3. Designating someone else (who is approved by Health Canada) to produce medical cannabis


For the remainder of this article we will focus on the first way to access medical cannabis – through a Health Canada Licensed Producer.


At Trauma Healing Centers we focus on providing care and treatment options for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), trauma, chronic pain and chronic illness. We are different than regular doctor’s clinics, as we do not see patients for everyday medical treatments. To visit our clinic you must provide us with a referral from your physician, unless you are a veteran with a pensionable condition. We have medical cannabis clinics in Dartmouth, NS, Bedford, NS, Clayton Park, NS, New Glasgow, NS, Ottawa, ON, Moncton, NB, Fredericton, NB and Saint John, NB. When you contact our clinic that is nearest to you, our staff will thoroughly explain the process of booking an appointment.


For people suffering from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain and chronic illness:

We have worked hard to ensure our medical cannabis referral process is as easy as possible – to give our patients access to the support and care they need without delay. The process is as follows:

1. Visit our website – www.traumahc.com
2. Download our referral form
3. Take this form to your physician for completion
4. Your physician’s office will fax the completed form to us using the toll free fax number at the top of the referral form
5. Once received we will review your referral and contact you to book your appointment


For Veterans:

If you are a veteran, we can help you navigate the Veterans Affairs Canada system to help you take advantage of the benefits and entitlements you deserve. We operate as a resource center for Canadian veterans and proudly received our Multi-Disciplinary Clinic designation with Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran patients. This designation greatly enhances our ability to create a multi-disciplinary wellness plan to help veterans heal from their pensionable injuries. Our multi-disciplinary approach to healing includes offering services, such as:

• Physician Services – Medical Cannabis Assessment
• Assistance Navigating Veterans Affairs
• Counselling – Psychologists and Social Workers
• Psychological Assessments
• Massage Therapy
• Diet Consulting
• Physiotherapy
• Chiropractic Therapy
• Acupuncture Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Yoga


Our medical cannabis referral process for veterans with pensionable conditions is as follows:

1. Contact us
2. Provide your summary of medical assessment to our staff
3. Once received we will review the summary and contact you to book your appointment


If you are a veteran who does not have a pensionable condition, but are suffering from health problems and would like to explore medical cannabis as a treatment option visit one of our locations or call our toll free number: 1-844-429-6074.


For Physicians:

Our team of health care practitioners have extensive experience treating those who suffer from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain and disabling illness. As we work towards reducing symptoms and helping your patient manage their everyday life, we will explore both traditional and non-traditional treatment options, including medical cannabis. If you have a patient who could benefit from our services, the medical cannabis referral process is as follows:

1. Visit our website – www.traumahc.com
2. Download our referral form
3. Complete the form
4. Fax the completed form to us using the toll free fax number at the top of the referral form
5. Once received we will review your referral and contact your patient to book their appointment


Gaining access to medical cannabis:

Medical cannabis for PTSD treatment and pain relief can be a very effective healing treatment for patients. We understand that traditional treatment options, such as pharmaceuticals, do not always provide the symptom relief or results that patients with PSTD, chronic pain or disabling illnesses are seeking. Once your referral process is complete, and your appointment has been booked, you will visit one of our clinic locations for a full assessment with one of our dedicated and experienced physicians. Based on your assessment, our physicians may explore alternative treatment options including medical cannabis.


Why your medical cannabis referral may be refused by Trauma Healing Centers:

There are a variety of reasons why a patient’s referral to THC may be refused. Some of the most common reasons are identified below:

1. If you are under the age of 18
2. If you currently have or previously had cannabis use disorder
3. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding
4. If you have a personal history or a strong family history of psychosis
5. If you have an active substance use disorder


If you have any other questions or concerns about the referral process at Trauma Healing Centers, please call us directly at 1-844-429-6074 or leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.