Medical Reviews & Medical Cannabis Assessments

2nd February 2018

Medical Cannabis Assessments

At Trauma Healing Centers, after completing the referral process, each new patient undergoes a medical review to grant our physicians the ability to discuss best options moving forward.


What is a Medical Review?

A medical review is a discussion of a patient’s medical history, including which disease, illness, or injury they are suffering from, the symptoms they are experiencing, and an overview of the medications or treatments they have tried in the past, as well as those that they are currently taking, for those symptoms.


Why Medical Reviews are Important

Medical reviews allow physicians to determine the extent of the illness or injury a patient is suffering from, the scope of the treatment they have received, and more. This allows physicians to see what treatment options have worked well for each patient in the past, and what options have not worked. The objective of a medical review is to ensure that each patient, and their respective physician or care team, is aware of the best treatment options for that patient moving forward.  This includes making recommendations on potential new treatments and discontinuation or reduction of existing treatments.


At Trauma Healing Centers, we specialize in offering a multi-disciplinary approach to treating chronic conditions, and medical cannabis as an alternative medicine. We offer medical cannabis consultations to patients who have not found relief with traditional medicine(s). Medical cannabis assessments encompass a large portion of our medical reviews.


Medical Cannabis Assessments

Once a patient has completed the referral process and is booked for an appointment with one of our physicians, they are asked to complete a detailed intake form. The intake form requires patients to provide personal information (such as name, address, etc.), general health information, and prior and existing medical information. This allows our physicians to understand a great deal about each patient prior to their initial appointment, and also allows the physicians to ask informed questions to help them fully understand each patient’s unique health condition.


Next, each patient has a private consultation with one of our experienced physicians. It is important to note that consultations do not always result in a prescription of medical cannabis; however, if our physician determines that the patient may benefit from medical cannabis and does not have any contraindications, the patient will then be given a prescription. At Trauma Healing Centers, we strongly believe that cannabis is only one portion of a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness, and will often recommend services including massage therapy, physiotherapy, counselling, yoga, and nutritional services along with medical cannabis. One-to-three months after this initial consultation, the patient will be followed up with to adjust dosage and strain of the medical cannabis they are currently using if necessary.


Medical Cannabis Education

We provide all new patients with extensive education on medical cannabis and their new treatment plan after their initial consultation with one of our physicians. This includes information regarding the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis properties, THC and CBD ratios, selecting medical cannabis strains from a licensed producer, dosage tracking, administration methods, and more. We support a start low and go slow approach to medical cannabis, and have regular follow up appointments with each patient to help ensure they are benefitting from the treatment and feel comfortable and confident as they move forward on their journey to wellness.


For Veterans

We operate as a resource center for Canadian veterans and proudly received our Multi-Disciplinary Clinic designation with Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran patients. This designation greatly enhances our ability to create a multi-disciplinary wellness plan to help veterans heal from their pensionable injuries. After you have indicated your pensionable condition and provided your summary of medical assessment to our staff we will review it and contact you to book your appointment.


We are able to assist both veterans who are looking to explore medical cannabis as a treatment option, and veterans who are currently using medical cannabis but are looking for guidance on how to benefit optimally from it (for example, the best dosage and strain for them to use). After meeting with a veteran, our physician will help him or her determine their optimal medical cannabis strategy moving forward. As Veterans Affairs Canada only covers 3 grams of medical cannabis per day, most veterans can benefit greatly from a new medical cannabis strategy. For example, switching from only using dried cannabis, to using cannabis oil during the day, and dry cannabis at night, can be beneficial.


If you or someone you know would like to meet with a medical professional from Trauma Healing Centers to discuss medical cannabis as a treatment option please call 1-844-429-6074 or download our referral form and take it to your physician.


We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.