Celebrating Our 3-Year Anniversary

24th January 2018

3 year anniversary

Three years ago, we saw our first patient at Trauma Healing Centers. Since that day, we have helped roughly 6,000 patients, with approximately 800 of those patients being military veterans.


Our two founders, Kyle Atkinson and Trevor Bungay, started Trauma Healing Centers with a vision of creating a resource center for Canadian Veterans, first responders, citizens and their families that uses a dedicated team of medical professionals and a multi-disciplinary approach to healing to help patients suffering from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain and disabling illness on their journey to wellness.


“I am extremely proud of how far we have come in a relatively short period of time,” states Kyle Atkinson, President of Trauma Healing Centers. “We have greatly enhanced our processes over the past 3 years and are continuously evolving for the benefit of our patients and the medical community who refer their patients to our centers.”


Some of the big changes we have made over the past 3 years include,


Receiving our Multi-Disciplinary Clinic designation with Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran patients. This designation greatly enhances our ability to create a multi-disciplinary wellness plan to help veterans with PTSD, and other pensionable injuries.


Opening clinics in new locations. We now have several locations across Eastern & Central Canada (in Fredericton, Saint John, Halifax, New Glasgow, and more) and most recently, celebrated the grand opening of our new clinic in Moncton, New Brunswick.


new medical cannabis clinic locations


Offering telemedicine services in Ontario and Newfoundland to provide our patients with convenient and accessible care from dedicated physicians that they may otherwise not be able to receive.


Hiring Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) educators who can walk patients through the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis properties, THC and CBD ratios, selecting medical strains from a licensed producer, dosage tracking, and more. As medical cannabis is an alternative method of treatment new to many of our patients, this lets us help those patients feel prepared and comfortable as they begin their journey to wellness.


Adding many additional services to our clinics to help provide our patients with access to a multi-disciplinary approach to healing. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Physician Services – Medical Cannabis Assessment
  • Assistance Navigating Veterans Affairs
  • Counselling – Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Massage Therapy
  • Diet Consulting
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Yoga


Ensuring our referral process is as easy as possible, to give our patients access to the support and care they need without delay. Our referral process is as follows:

  1. Visit our website – https://www.traumahc.com/
  2. Download our referral form – https://www.traumahc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Referral-Form-Trauma-Healing-Center.pdf
  3. Take it to your physician for completion
  4. Military veterans with pensionable conditions simply provide your summary of assessment to our staff
  5. Once received we will review your referral and contact you to book your appointment


Attending and presenting at healthcare, scientific, and occupational conferences, including the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids Conference, the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research Conference, the Atlantic Pain Conference, the Office of the Employer Advisor Nova Scotia’s 9th Annual Employer Conference, and more. We also held our first ever Physician Summit, allowing all of our physicians, nurses, and management staff to brainstorm and share ideas that will help us better serve our patients moving forward.


Educating both patients, and the general public, on medical cannabis through a variety of mediums. In October 2017, our president, Kyle, discussed the differences between medical and recreational cannabis in The Chronicle Herald’s special feature on cannabis. We also started our #GetTheWordOut Campaign in 2017, which strives to reduce the stigma associated with using medical cannabis to treat mental and physical illnesses by allowing our patients to share their stories.


medcial cannabis and PTSD education


As part of our #GetTheWordOut campaign, we used a three-part series to share the story of our Vice President of Operations & Business Development, Trevor Bungay, which highlighted his battle with PTSD, his road to recovery, and how he works each day to reduce the stigma associated with medical cannabis and mental health.



Trevor discussed many of these same topics in a TedX talk and presentation, where he reflected on his time in the Canadian Armed Forces, and his personal struggles, while highlighting our mission at Trauma Healing Centers, and much more.

medicall cannabis and ptsd awareness

“As a veteran, I am proud that we can make a positive impact on the lives of the men and women who serve our country,” adds Trevor, “It’s hard to explain the feeling I get every single morning, knowing that we help so manypeople who are suffering.”


The past three years have been big for Trauma Healing Centers, and we have even bigger things planed for 2018. We look forward to continuing this journey with you! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with us as we move forward.


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We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.