For Families

Taking Care of your Families

When a loved one is struggling with how to deal with PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or disabling illness, it can be hard to watch. You may feel helpless, hopeless and as though you have exhausted all available options. At Trauma Healing Centers, we can help guide you and your loved one to find alternative methods you may not have explored yet.

Individualized health plan

We will start by helping your loved one—by developing a personalized health plan that draws on the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of physicians and health professionals. Our goal is to help your loved one improve their coping skills, reduce their symptoms and better manage the challenges of day-to-day life.

Helping your loved one navigate Veterans Affairs

If your loved one is a veteran of the Canadian Forces or the RCMP, we make the process even easier. From the moment they enter our office, they will be guided through the Veteran Affairs system by someone who truly understands—a veteran who has experienced PTSD and has already navigated the system for themselves.

But we want to help you, too

As a family member or caregiver, you need support and we can provide it by:

  • helping you learn how to support a loved one with PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or disabling illness
  • teaching you coping methods for managing your stress and anxiety, caused by your loved one’s condition
  • providing you with the resources you and your loved one need
  • connecting you with appropriate wellness programs, PTSD support groups, and/or chronic pain support groups.

We can help. Contact us today.

We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.