Now Offering Trauma-Informed Education Through Workshops

We are now offering trauma-informed education through a four-part workshop for patients, educators, veterans, civilians, family members and emergency responders. Our goal is to provide trauma-informed education to our patients and our community. The workshops will consist of four (half- … Read More

Medical Reviews & Medical Cannabis Assessments

At Trauma Healing Centers, after completing the referral process, each new patient undergoes a medical review to grant our physicians the ability to discuss best options moving forward.


What is a Medical Review?

A medical review is a discussion … Read More

Celebrating Our 3-Year Anniversary

Three years ago, we saw our first patient at Trauma Healing Centers. Since that day, we have helped roughly 6,000 patients, with approximately 800 of those patients being military veterans.


Our two founders, Kyle Atkinson and Trevor Bungay, started … Read More

Part 3 – Starting Trauma Healing Centers & Working to Reduce the Stigma Surrounding Medical Cannabis.

Trev, like others in the military, had been trained to be a soldier. He was not trained in how to deal with the trauma that comes from experiencing a career in the military. Nor was he trained in the complexities … Read More

Part 2 – Realizing the Need for Help, Reaching Out & The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

After devoting himself to his 18-year military career, which included leading three combat missions in Afghanistan, Trev was faced with his toughest battle yet – a battle with PTSD. His family fell apart and he lost 15 of his fellow … Read More

Part 1 – Trev’s Early Life, Military Career & the Onset of his PTSD


“Trauma is not a moment. It is life from that moment on.” As part of our #GetTheWordOut campaign, we are using a three-part series to share the story of our Vice President, Trev, his battle with PTSD, his road … Read More

Using CBD Oil to Help Treat Symptoms of Arthritis


What is Arthritis? Arthritis is a disease that involves inflammation of any of the joints in the human body, most commonly including the hip, knee, or spine. Arthritis can impact individuals of any age, gender, or ethnicity, and the … Read More

Get The Word Out

Medical cannabis helps our patients live better and healthier lives. We want to reduce the stigma associated with using medical cannabis to treat illness by allowing our patients to share their stories.

Learn how you can help us #GetTheWordOut here.… Read More

Chronicle Herald Cannabis Feature

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017 The Chronicle Herald released a 6-page special feature on cannabis. In this special feature our president, Kyle Atkinson, discusses the differences between medical and recreational cannabis. The article provides educational content about what medical cannabis … Read More

Trauma Healing Centers is Pleased to Offer PTSD Treatment & Alternative Medicine Across Central & Eastern Canada


What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

The Canadian Mental Health Association defines PTSD as a mental illness that an individual develops after they are exposed to a traumatic event. After the original trauma has passed, individuals who suffer … Read More

We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.