About Us

A safe place to find comfort

We are a dedicated team of health professionals and veterans focused on helping veterans, first responders and civilians who suffer from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or disabling illness.  Trauma Healing Centers has a multi-disciplinary designation with the Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran clients.  This ensures we can efficiently create a multi-disciplined plan to help veterans heal from their pensionable injuries. Our multi-disciplinary approach means you get all the health services you need—all under one roof.

Improve your quality of life

Our goal is to help you improve your health and quality of life through both traditional and non-traditional treatment methods. We will work with you to reduce physical and emotional symptoms to improve daily functioning, and help you establish effective coping strategies so you can get your life back.

What you can expect at Trauma Healing Centers

When you walk into any of our Trauma Healing Centers, you will be greeted with warmth and understanding, no matter what you or your loved one has been through.

Our experienced, multi disciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, massage therapists, and dieticians will work together to develop a custom treatment plan to help you manage the emotional and physical symptoms related to your condition. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life, coping skills and relationships.

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We are your complete resource center

Trauma Healing Centers is a complete resource centre for veterans, first responders and citizens, as well as their families and physicians. Here are just a few of the items you will find in our Resource Centre:

  • the latest medical studies and literature on PTSD, chronic pain and disabling illness
  • comprehensive information on medical marijuana as an alternative treatment method
  • frequently asked questions
  • referral forms
  • self-assessment tools

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We are pleased to be working with Wounded Warriors Canada in their ongoing efforts to provide support to the veteran community. Join us in supporting their amazing work.