The Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis CBD Oil

14th March 2017

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis CBD oil


Medical Cannabis (commonly referred to as medical marijuana) oil is an extract made by mixing cannabis flowers with a solvent such as ethanol, naphtha, petroleum, or butane. The extraction process removes the plant matter and leaves behind a sticky, oily substance that contains a high concentration of active compounds.


Once the extract is created, typically licensed producers then mix the extract with an oil as the carrier. Different licensed producers use different types of oil, but the most common is coconut oil. The oil is usually administered to the patient using an oral syringe or dropper. However, cannabis oil can also be taken along with food or made into edibles.


Medical cannabis cannabidiol (CBD) oil is widely being used for cancer, pain, and PTSD treatment at Trauma Healing Centers. CBD oil alone differs from most cannabis oils because it contains no psychoactive ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that are typically found in dried cannabis and other extracts. It’s anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties aid patients with many different conditions.


The effects of ingested cannabis typically last between 6-10 hours. Therefore, it is critically important that all patients start low and go slow when beginning their cannabis therapy. As well, it is typically advised that patients wait at minimum two hours between doses to avoid over-consumption.


The positive effects from patients of Trauma Healing Centers has been used as antidotal evidence to support the use of CBD oil for many conditions. Below is one such story from Trevor Bungay, VP of Veteran Relations.


“When I started my new treatment plan which included dry cannabis for PTSD and chronic pain it was a game changer.  It took me from a life of ruin and possible suicide and gave me hope.  Eventually with the right wellness plan I was able to get my life back.  I didn’t think there was anything better until I used cannabis oil.  This has helped me in many ways.  From lowering the stigma (I don’t have to smoke it or smell like it any more), to ease of use (a few drops under my tongue or in my food) to using less (the concentration allows you to use less saving me money).  Cannabis oil has changed everything.  I use my CBD for daytime, helping me control my pain but allowing me to work.  My THC has allowed me to gain 6-8 hours of sleep with little to no flashbacks and nightmares.  I truly never thought I could function in society, have a family and live a normal life, but here I am, forever grateful.”


If you want to learn more about CBD oil and how it has helped other patients at Trauma Healing Centers, please call us at 1-844-429-6074 or visit the contact page to send us a message. We have several medical clinics located across Eastern Canada:


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